Blank on Blank’s Louis Armstrong Interview

What a great opportunity for those, then, kids to be able to interview Louis Armstrong. One of the Marsalis brothers observed that the great thing about Armstrong is that he could pop a quarter note and it sounded “right”. A lot of people try and make a flourish, but he had the ear for just playing the right note, even if it was a simple quarter note. I’ve never forgotten that.

Our Bedazzled Dead

BioE put up another post. Good to see her posting a little more often! See it here.
Speaking of posting, I have been remiss and neglectful. I made a goal to post once a week and should return to this goal. Now, true, being stabbed does give one reason to pause and realign one’s life, but it is time to build on the many gains I have worked for this summer.
In the long run? Even if one lives a long time….It is still not much time. Someday? I, too, will be the unadorned dead. But the next time it won’t be with the thought, “I thought I would get more done…”. This has been a beautifully busy summer. I have done my best and changed much of my worst. Hope everyone has a great autumn! (Or spring, as I have some Australians out there 🙂

To Light a Fire

A beautifully simple post that I enjoyed. I hope you do, too.

Dubious Kurzweil prediction

I really, really, doubt that this is as simple as merely uploading the brain. I do not believe we’re just our thought patterns anymore than we’re just our skeleton. Or our genitals. Actually, if we’re anything, I’d say we’re our genitals because it certainly seems like everything else is there to make sure those get used. If Google can upload our genitals then I’ll go with the rest of our mind being there, too.

A Good Life is Still a Life

“A good life is still a life. It must involve a full share of suffering, loneliness, disappointment and coming to terms with one’s own mortality and the deaths of those one loves. To live a life that is good as a life involves all this.” – John Armstrong via Maria Popova’s Brainpickings

Stuck between a past I don’t want and a future I can’t yet find

Sometimes it’s easier to say goodbye to someone than I thought. I didn’t think I would find it so relieving but..I think I was holding on to something that wasn’t there and just not looking forward. I’d like it if I had some great stormy tale with sordid details and maybe a fishing boat in Nantucket…but we just went our separate ways and basically still like each other. My ex has someone new and, (never thought I’d say this) I hope it works out. Weird, huh? I think that’s what happens when people realize it’s not working and just leave before anger sets in. That and, well, after being stabbed from behind by a complete stranger for no reason? You know, I can take a quite a bit now because, hey! It beats being stabbed! I’m not ecstatic to have such a low baseline for “hey, this ain’t so bad” but…it does have its good points. 😉

Now to start finding a better tomorrow. It’s time.


I Made It – Best Jobs TOP 25 !

Just trying to help someone achieve something remarkably cool. If you have a chance, take a look at what she’s asking of folks in order to help her, too.

Photography + Science = Chanel

Wow, I can’t even begin to explain how non-stop the past 36 hours have been.


I posted a couple weeks ago my submission videos for Australia’s Best Job in the World contest. And yesterday was the big announcement forwhich applicants made the Top 25 qualifiers for each of the 6 available jobs. I had received and email the week prior from the Best Jobs people asking if they could use my Wildlife Caretaker video for media purposes, and I screamed when I read the email and quickly replied YES! They made sure to point out that this doesn’t mean I’ve made it to the next round, but I sure as heck felt like I did!

They announcement was to be posted on the Best Jobs website at 2pm PST – so I was anxiously awaiting on my computer when I arrived…

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Some thoughts on being stabbed

Finding something to write about is easy. Making time to do so? Not so much…I’ll make time, in this case. I have the good fortune to still be here after a complete stranger stabbed me in the face. (Yea, stabbed from behind, and I only got “lucky” enough to catch the blade in the face because I turned when I heard someone behind me. I’d pretty sure I’d have taken that in the neck..) If you’ve ever wondered why, in Dungeons & Dragons, thieves got a backstab bonus – it’s because even if it misses the original target, the damage is significant and you can’t always return it. I was fortunate to get away long enough to call the police. I was very fortunate to flag down a passing police cruiser, too. So some good luck came my way that night! Which was good, because I was at a severe deficit.

Speaking of the police? I don’t think anyone thanks them all that often. But if I had to deal with people like the one who attacked me every day? I figure it would be nice knowing that folks appreciate your efforts. Those officers made a huge difference in my life, and maybe made it possible for me to be here now. That was closer than I ever wanted to be to not making it through something. A couple of days later I took thank you cards to the responding departments. I’d like to say I was pretty cool and collected, but I could barely talk beyond, “I just wanted to say how grateful…” and then I ran out of words. I’ve never met the officers who responded, but at least I was able to send thanks.

Also, whoever invented lidocaine, bottled oxygen, saline drips, and blood transfusions? Those really, *really* kick butt! Saline quells the unbelievable thirst when you lose lots of blood. Saline with an O2 back? Heck, were it not for being covered in my blood I’d almost have felt normal!

Sooooo…What do I have to show for this? For starters, I have the unwanted experience of surviving violent crime…..I have a scar on my face. Thankfully, it’s not the full Glasgow smile, but it’s definitely something that isn’t easy to come by. I’m told that anyone can get a tattoo, but scars have stories. Ummm, if you have a choice? Get a tattoo and make up a story later on. You can CHOOSE the tattoo you’d like to see when you look in a mirror.

I have a nifty tax write off. Yup, I can deduct the expenses from having all my clothing destroyed by blood being cut off me in the ER.

I get lots of mail from the hospital and the ambulance. I can tell you that the insurance company will call you first possible moment after getting a bill like that, though. Have your case number ready, as it will save you some time. You might want to email it to yourself so you can pull it up on your phone.

I know what it’s like tasting blood by the mouthful, sitting on the side of the road with everyone driving by and not really caring if it made for good conversation for them. That is enough for now. I’ll write about what I wish I had, next.

Interesting debate at Facts & Other Stubborn Things

If one has an interest in economics and philosophy this is an interesting series of exchanges between Daniel Kuehn and David Friedman. Unlike many such exchanges I’ve read, (in much the same spirit as one compelled to keep viewing a train wreck) this has not devolved into something less. Instead, it’s actually become something more, and is exploring an idea. I’m going to have to think about some stuff a bit, but…worth the read if you’re, like me, still looking to distract yourself from other pressing issues.

Nice, distracting debate.

Some rather unfortunate events have me trying to figure some things out, lately. I thought this clip was interesting, and best of all, it has John Cleese whom I greatly admire. Sometimes it’s pleasant to revisit debates in the past to see how things have turned out and focus the mind on something else.

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