BioEphemera is so not redundant and superfluous ;-)

She has one of my most favoritest sites EVER! BioE is a place I have been frequenting for several years. It’s not just a matter of the content she links, tho, – it’s her take on it. Anyone can post a link, (heck, I do!) but she has well reasoned and thoughtful perspectives on the content or an issue. That’s not so common. So while I do think there are more people posting items from the space she’s been inhabiting for quite some time, I don’t consider BioE to lack something unique or incapable of contributing. I hope she puts out some more things in the near future; I know I’ll keep on checking her site to see if something shows up! 🙂

I posted the link to her blog, but her archives have a real wealth of great sites worth a visit all their own. Highly recommended!

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