Political commentary from some of our greatest porn stars

First, we had Jenna Jameson’s thoughts on the candidates. I can’t say the lady is wrong. “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.” Concise and true, as far as it goes. Whether or not you want a Republican in office when you’re poor is left unanswered, but it’s definitely true you want one in there when you’re wealthy.

Then we had this, separately, but almost as in response, from Ron Jeremy. Charitable words towards Governor Romney, but at this point he’s sticking with President Obama.

Granted, it’s only two positions, so we can’t be certain this juxtaposition shows the true diversity of political opinion amongst our porn stars. But what is certain is that we can take hope and strength, in these uncertain times, confident that our porn stars are giving some of the most succinct and amicable commentary in the media today. /sigh

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