1950’s Space Art

I’ve always loved the covers and dust jackets from vintage sci-fi! There’s something compelling about them, for some reason. I have no real vocabulary for discussing art, I just know the pieces I like and the pieces I don’t. Beyond that, I can’t really go into any real depth. But that said, here’s a pretty good simple collection at Plan59. Of course, nothing would be complete in mentioning that era without a word towards Chesley Bonestell.

In addition to doing many, many pieces, Bonestell also created work for Destination Moon, a 1950 film which one an Oscar for best special effects. Of particular note is the work done by Robert A. Heinlein as a technical advisor for the film. If you’ve not heard of Robert Heinlein, then there’s not much I can really say other than to go read his earlier works, up to about Stranger in a Strange Land. After that book, I started losing interest in his work, however, his juvenile fiction still ranks as some of my most preferred “comfort” reading….Speaking of which, I need to get another copy of Citizen of the Galaxy.

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