Happy Birthday to the Man of Happy Little Clouds

Google was kind enough to share on its page that it’s Bob Ross’ birthday. Like many others who watched that show, I was somewhat surprised at how happy trees and clouds could be. I was equally surprised to learn that it’s possible to paint with a spackle knife. But, again like many others, I never forgot the immense optimism and just plain fun that Ross had while painting. This remix, I may well have posted this before, but you know what? It’s his birthday and the song just makes me happy.

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  1. I love the appreciation that they are showing for him. I know I used to watch and absorb everything that he said and did as an artist.

    • I remember seeing his show as a kid, too. At the time, I thought it was something just local, but later? I was surprised at how pretty much everyone I know has come across those videos, at some point in their lives. That Google took the time to recognize him on their homepage is, well, that’s a pretty impressive testimonial to his impact in our common experience, I think. 🙂


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