Our Bedazzled Dead

BioE put up another post. Good to see her posting a little more often! See it here.
Speaking of posting, I have been remiss and neglectful. I made a goal to post once a week and should return to this goal. Now, true, being stabbed does give one reason to pause and realign one’s life, but it is time to build on the many gains I have worked for this summer.
In the long run? Even if one lives a long time….It is still not much time. Someday? I, too, will be the unadorned dead. But the next time it won’t be with the thought, “I thought I would get more done…”. This has been a beautifully busy summer. I have done my best and changed much of my worst. Hope everyone has a great autumn! (Or spring, as I have some Australians out there 🙂


The Umlaut Cult

“At such times, I feel like I’m reading a snarky newsletter issued by a self-selected collective of snooty grammar trolls who live in a bubble and worship a giant umlaut.”

Still chuckling at that one. But while I have never heard of Cohoes, I do know how to pronounce Puyallup!



More BrainPickings

I really do like BrainPickings! This from yesterday is yet another really fun piece from her site. 🙂 What I like most, though? She puts so much information in each post. There are many links to follow within each of her pieces. For someone like me that’s fantastic! I can take the time to ferret out each one and just see what contributed maybe even one line to something she wrote. For others, I suppose, it might be a bit tedious. I like to consider her articles somewhat like a clock that you can look inside and see how everything is working together, though.

Brain Pickings R-O-C-K-S!

I don’t know how I haven’t come across this site before, Brain Pickings is one of the best sites I’ve seen in a long while! I’m really surprised I’ve not seen someone link to it prior to now. I gotta’ say this is my new must-read site. I’ll probably be looking through that one and considering even donating to the site. If you’ve not checked out this one before, I really recommend it. 3QuarksDaily linked the article from NYTimes.

Such helpful spam!

It sure is great that comment spam has such useful items as SEO and other tricks for all that nifty placement. How amazing to have random people, from the goodness of their heart, offer to set me up with all manner of improvement. I begin to see why people don’t always allow comments. :-/

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