Interesting debate at Facts & Other Stubborn Things

If one has an interest in economics and philosophy this is an interesting series of exchanges between Daniel Kuehn and David Friedman. Unlike many such exchanges I’ve read, (in much the same spirit as one compelled to keep viewing a train wreck) this has not devolved into something less. Instead, it’s actually become something more, and is exploring an idea. I’m going to have to think about some stuff a bit, but…worth the read if you’re, like me, still looking to distract yourself from other pressing issues.


A conclave for Congress

Ugh, dealing with sequestration issues I got to thinking about the recently retiring Pope. Seems like if Cardinals can be locked into a building until they come up with an agreement for a Pope, we might consider locking Congress into a building until they come up with a budget.

Teeny Tiny Pockets and Stupid Thoughts

Ha! This I had to share via Daniel Kuehn’s blog┬ávia Gene Callahan


I don’t believe I’ve ever come across this one before. I love finding something new, and especially something that, at first, is counter-intuitive, but in retrospect is something I believe I have seen. Gloria Origgi writes about it at the following link:


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