The Umlaut Cult

“At such times, I feel like I’m reading a snarky newsletter issued by a self-selected collective of snooty grammar trolls who live in a bubble and worship a giant umlaut.”

Still chuckling at that one. But while I have never heard of Cohoes, I do know how to pronounce Puyallup!



Robotic Motorhead, or some things are just right.

There is nothing I can add to this.


Absolute OpenBSD 2nd Edition Pre-order!

I first ran into Michael Lucas’ writing through his Big Scary Daemons articles. They were clear, concise, and had a lively sense of humor! When he started to write books, I knew I would have to get a copy of AbsoluteBSD. I still have it, in fact! I pre-ordered it and, due a congenital lack of ability to be patient, spent weeks irritable whilst waiting to get a shipping confirmation from NoStarch Press. It had some minor delays in printing, but finally it did arrive and there was much rejoicing!

Did it transport me to new dimensions of being? Did it make me capable of peering across the landscape from a transcendent height? No, but better still! It was as enjoyable to read as I had hoped. And, I submit, THAT is an achievement for tech writing. Fun, interesting, and instructive? I don’t think you can beat that very easily! There are many who write turgid passages for tech books that barely keep one awake, let alone engaged with the subject. There are few that I have seen that are as interesting, and no one I have pre-ordered as often.

I haven’t been able to follow the BSD world as closely as I would have preferred these past years, so I didn’t catch Lucas’ announcement about pre-orders for AbsoluteOpenBSD when it came out. On the other hand it made for a great surprise and something to which I am again looking forward to reading!

Happy Birthday to the Man of Happy Little Clouds

Google was kind enough to share on its page that it’s Bob Ross’ birthday. Like many others who watched that show, I was somewhat surprised at how happy trees and clouds could be. I was equally surprised to learn that it’s possible to paint with a spackle knife. But, again like many others, I never forgot the immense optimism and just plain fun that Ross had while painting. This remix, I may well have posted this before, but you know what? It’s his birthday and the song just makes me happy.

String Ensemble Performing Theme for Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Fun version of a great tune! Does anyone know who these performers are?

Monday Moves In.

Some nice thoughts about time, but Monday comes along despite the best arguments that time is just a construct in our mind. 😉

Sunday Stayed

Wherever you are, or wherever you aren’t, you’ll get what you want or can want what you get. (It’s a Leo Kottke day, I think.)




For some reason it was something that came up in conversation a few days back. I got to thinking I hadn’t heard this in a while…Thankfully, the world’s albums are all on Youtube.


Acts of Magic graphic from Lapham’s Quarterly

Lapham’s Quarterly graphic seeing various sites of “magic”. Pretty fun! There’s a whole bunch of them so check it out!

Liquid Nitrogen and 1500 ping pong balls

I don’t care, chemistry is always fun when something mundane becomes explosive!

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