Dubious Kurzweil prediction

I really, really, doubt that this is as simple as merely uploading the brain. I do not believe we’re just our thought patterns anymore than we’re just our skeleton. Or our genitals. Actually, if we’re anything, I’d say we’re our genitals because it certainly seems like everything else is there to make sure those get used. If Google can upload our genitals then I’ll go with the rest of our mind being there, too.


A conclave for Congress

Ugh, dealing with sequestration issues I got to thinking about the recently retiring Pope. Seems like if Cardinals can be locked into a building until they come up with an agreement for a Pope, we might consider locking Congress into a building until they come up with a budget.

I can create Neanderthal baby. I just need willing woman.

I suppose if you’ve tried every other pick up line, at least this has the saving grace of being different….I hope. (Okay, okay, it’s an article in the Telegraph about someone being confident of cloning a Neanderthal.)

I can create Neanderthal. All I need is willing woman.

“Hey, That Shit Works” or Fecal Transplant study

You have to admit, it is an easier donation to make than bone marrow or kidneys. Even so, I would feel a bit awkward approaching friends or family with, “Might I ask a favor?”
But if I had C Dificile? I probably would at least ask about Fecal Matter Transplant.

Mitt Romney is an electron

It came to me that Gov. Romney is actually an electron. If you know where he stands, then you can’t know how fast he’s moving from that position. Whereas, if you know how fast he’s moving, it’s because you really don’t know where he is.



Hm..it’s Monday, after all

Seemed appropriate, somehow.



For some reason it was something that came up in conversation a few days back. I got to thinking I hadn’t heard this in a while…Thankfully, the world’s albums are all on Youtube.


Smarter Monkeys

I know the overall goal is to help people with brain injuries recover to a greater level of abilty. Neverthertheless, the first thing that popped into my head after seeing the article title was, “Finally!! Smarter monkeys!…Wait…what?” I wonder how many other people had the Flowers for Algernon flashback?



“Afghan by blood, redneck by the grace of god.”

Anyone who self-describes as, “Afghan by blood, redneck by the grace of god.” and who has a TED talk, is someone I’m going to watch. Aman Mojadidi and his work in progress.

Aman Mojadidi

Twitter: Swearing in the USA

Now, you may not give a f@*#, but many parts of the country do. In fact, some of those are flying f*@#s! Found this Twitter map of swearing in the US over at The Atlantic, great site and magazine.

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