Google’s doing the ISP thing pretty well

*sigh*, I’m sure I could call up my current ISP and try and have them tell me why I need to pay them more money, each month, than brand new customers. Yes. I could do that…..Or I could wonder as to when certain companies that provide cell phone service will ever be anything but irritated that they have to provide service at all in order to get paid. At this point, I’m pretty confident they’re just sitting in a committee trying to devise a method whereby we’re all just forced to pay them money each month for nothing.

I really can’t say I remember when said companies were, you know, even vaguely proud of the product they were offering. As in, “Hey, we provide a great service and it’s an amazingly robust, and fast, network experience!” Anymore, you’d think it was some ugly personal secret they had to let out in order to earn money. I really hope Google can make something of a change to the status quo! I have my doubts, though. Sometimes, I think there’s almost no interest on the part of ISP’s, at least bigger name companies, in doing much beyond changing their name every few years to provide the illusion of product differentiation.

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