Dubious Kurzweil prediction

I really, really, doubt that this is as simple as merely uploading the brain. I do not believe we’re just our thought patterns anymore than we’re just our skeleton. Or our genitals. Actually, if we’re anything, I’d say we’re our genitals because it certainly seems like everything else is there to make sure those get used. If Google can upload our genitals then I’ll go with the rest of our mind being there, too.


Nice, distracting debate.

Some rather unfortunate events have me trying to figure some things out, lately. I thought this clip was interesting, and best of all, it has John Cleese whom I greatly admire. Sometimes it’s pleasant to revisit debates in the past to see how things have turned out and focus the mind on something else.

World of Warcraft playing Democratic candidate

Politico had this article about a World of Warcraft playing Democratic candidate in Maine. I played WoW for several years (I’m much better now). My /played is more than enough to make me a bit ill when I stop and think about it. Frankly, some people were fortunate simply to have avoided deep vein thrombosis. So, yea, there’s a steep time commitment, or at least there used to be. It depended upon how serious one wanted to be about doing end game.

I have no idea how serious a player she is. Since she’s not already level 90, I’m going to speculate she’s more a casual player. This is a good thing, because if she were to be a hard core raider? In that case, the Maine Republicans might at least be justified in asking, “How much time away from the game do you think she has to devote to being an elected official?” And I’d have to say, “Well…fair point.”

But just because she’s playing? Or just because there’s a few lines that someone finds objectionable? Really?! General chat is hardly the best place to view humanity at its highest. Yes, I’m quite sure there are, and I’ve seen several, great chats started. However, by and large? It’s drivel. Lachowicz is actually kind of amusing in her hyperbole. Even her opponent considers to be mudslinging and is not greatly impressed.

 Lachowicz responded to the Republican campaign ad:

  “What’s really weird is that the Republicans are going after my hobbies instead of talking about their record while they’ve been running Augusta for the last two years. Instead of talking about what they’re doing for Maine people, they’re making fun of me for playing video games. Did you know that more people over the age of 50 play video games than under the age of 18? As a gamer, I’m in good company with folks like Jodie Foster, Vin Diesel, Mike Myers, and Robin Williams. Maybe it’s the Republican Party that is out of touch.”


For some reason it was something that came up in conversation a few days back. I got to thinking I hadn’t heard this in a while…Thankfully, the world’s albums are all on Youtube.


Acts of Magic graphic from Lapham’s Quarterly

Lapham’s Quarterly graphic seeing various sites of “magic”. Pretty fun! There’s a whole bunch of them so check it out!

Tuesday tides turn today, tomorrow twists tentatively

I don’t care that many hated this period in Dylan’s career, I maintain this was some of his most creative work. Okay, I can admit to a few too many beers tonight, too.

Such helpful spam!

It sure is great that comment spam has such useful items as SEO and other tricks for all that nifty placement. How amazing to have random people, from the goodness of their heart, offer to set me up with all manner of improvement. I begin to see why people don’t always allow comments. :-/

Naked German Monk, etc.

Here’s a combination of nouns and adjectives that one doesn’t normally encounter. The below link title has done its job. As a sentence it conveyed something highly unusual and will now be retired. One presumes it will not soon be needed again. Though if it is, I suppose they’ll just tack on “Another” in front of it, and then we’ll have “Another naked German Monk Found in the Forest Might have Accidentally Eaten Toxic Berries.” And, suddenly, it will sound almost normal.

Naked German Monk Found in the Forest Might Have Accidentally Eaten Toxic Berries

Deputy Elton Simmons

I don’t live in California so I wouldn’t normally post something specific to that area. But I had to in this case. I saw this accidentally on the LA Times website. The quick take is that one of traffic cops hasn’t had a single complaint in 20 years. Since 1992, Deputy Simmons has been doing his job, writing tickets, dealing with the public in a highly challenging situation, and has had no complaints from the people he’s stopped.

Why has he been so successful handing people stuff they REALLY don’t want? Consider the following:

The motor cop described recently pulling over a particularly frazzled young man for speeding. “He was shaking like a leaf,” Simmons recalled.

He gave the youth some time alone, meanwhile scanning his driver’s license looking for small talk fodder. When Simmons returned to the car window, he changed the subject: “Your license says you’re 280,” he told the driver, referring to his weight. “You’re not 280.”

Almost immediately, the man about to be hit with a ticket was proudly telling how he’d lost 100 pounds through a strict regimen of swimming and healthy eating.

“All of a sudden the shaking is gone,” Simmons said at the station the next day.

Taking time to consider how to put someone at ease rather than escalating the situation? That’s a rare trait and one much to be desired. Even if this is only just a PR release, it’s still impressive when a police officer has people in court answering that they didn’t want to challenge the citation because, “The cop had been so courteous, the man said, that he didn’t want to cause him any trouble.” That says it all. Fun article and worth the read. 🙂

Maudlin musings midnight me

For two weeks, now, it’s been some sort of ongoing coverage of a convention. I have no words to add to this, or really bring even a clear expression of my own thoughts on it. I don’t know that this is appropriate, or the title of this post apt, but it seemed better than anything else, at the moment.

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