Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Press Releases – Fake, but here’s The Hustle

Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Press Releases.

I remember watching Heinlein during the first lunar landing. I have to wonder what he would have thought of this discovery. Probably because I just read Podkayne of Mars.

**But then again, it’s a hoax. I just checked the full URL. You’d think I’d check that first. /sigh

Okay, every time I do that? I’m linking to The Hustle. Why? Because I’m merciless to the Internet. Yes. The Hustle. That song sat in my brain for many years. It’s only through the therapeutic application of YouTube that I was able to shake it. There’s no cure, but you can live with it, though at a diminished capacity for life and love.


Moondoggle and another link

The Apollo Program is the one thing that I would rather see more than any other historical event. But quite a few people didn’t want to see it at all. Somehow, after the myth making, we forget that Aldrin, Collins and the late Neil Armstrong actually had eggs thrown at them when they toured the country after landing on the moon. College students who upset at the expenditure of money took the time to show the astronauts how they felt about the program. And I remember my dad telling me that, within one week of the landing, coworkers had become convinced that it had all been staged. The story he heard was that it was in the Mojave desert. He laughed because he’d grown up in that part of the country and was *pretty sure* it hadn’t been staged in the Mojave. 😉

Nevertheless, some things quickly attain an historical patina of necessity that wasn’t seen at the time. I love The Atlantic even more for doing an article like this. It combines two favorite subjects, the Apollo Program and human beings almost pathological inability to remember things all that accurately. It’s like a perfect Reese’s Peanut Butter cup of journalism for me!

I know, it’s somewhat odd that I would enjoy this article as much as I do, as it’s not something that promotes the lunar landing. But there’s an ongoing fascination for me with pretty much anything associated with that event. And if it’s something that just doesn’t get much attention? Even better! Heck, here’s a link to the ladies who sewed the original space suits together. Too cool!

1950’s Space Art

I’ve always loved the covers and dust jackets from vintage sci-fi! There’s something compelling about them, for some reason. I have no real vocabulary for discussing art, I just know the pieces I like and the pieces I don’t. Beyond that, I can’t really go into any real depth. But that said, here’s a pretty good simple collection at Plan59. Of course, nothing would be complete in mentioning that era without a word towards Chesley Bonestell.

In addition to doing many, many pieces, Bonestell also created work for Destination Moon, a 1950 film which one an Oscar for best special effects. Of particular note is the work done by Robert A. Heinlein as a technical advisor for the film. If you’ve not heard of Robert Heinlein, then there’s not much I can really say other than to go read his earlier works, up to about Stranger in a Strange Land. After that book, I started losing interest in his work, however, his juvenile fiction still ranks as some of my most preferred “comfort” reading….Speaking of which, I need to get another copy of Citizen of the Galaxy.

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