Dubious Kurzweil prediction

I really, really, doubt that this is as simple as merely uploading the brain. I do not believe we’re just our thought patterns anymore than we’re just our skeleton. Or our genitals. Actually, if we’re anything, I’d say we’re our genitals because it certainly seems like everything else is there to make sure those get used. If Google can upload our genitals then I’ll go with the rest of our mind being there, too.


Understanding why the magic works with Penn & Teller

I found this link, https://peerj.com/articles/19/ whilst perusing Nat Torkington’s Four Short Links. Granted, it’s way beyond my usual wondering, “How do dey do dat?” But if you’re interested in a lot more detail on the Cups and Balls trick? Here ya’ go!

I can create Neanderthal baby. I just need willing woman.

I suppose if you’ve tried every other pick up line, at least this has the saving grace of being different….I hope. (Okay, okay, it’s an article in the Telegraph about someone being confident of cloning a Neanderthal.)

I can create Neanderthal. All I need is willing woman.

“Hey, That Shit Works” or Fecal Transplant study

You have to admit, it is an easier donation to make than bone marrow or kidneys. Even so, I would feel a bit awkward approaching friends or family with, “Might I ask a favor?”
But if I had C Dificile? I probably would at least ask about Fecal Matter Transplant.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Press Releases – Fake, but here’s The Hustle

Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Press Releases.

I remember watching Heinlein during the first lunar landing. I have to wonder what he would have thought of this discovery. Probably because I just read Podkayne of Mars.

**But then again, it’s a hoax. I just checked the full URL. You’d think I’d check that first. /sigh

Okay, every time I do that? I’m linking to The Hustle. Why? Because I’m merciless to the Internet. Yes. The Hustle. That song sat in my brain for many years. It’s only through the therapeutic application of YouTube that I was able to shake it. There’s no cure, but you can live with it, though at a diminished capacity for life and love.

Liquid Nitrogen and 1500 ping pong balls

I don’t care, chemistry is always fun when something mundane becomes explosive!

Smarter Monkeys

I know the overall goal is to help people with brain injuries recover to a greater level of abilty. Neverthertheless, the first thing that popped into my head after seeing the article title was, “Finally!! Smarter monkeys!…Wait…what?” I wonder how many other people had the Flowers for Algernon flashback?



Pictures of single molecules

The BBC has this article. Remember when electron microscopy was impressive? It seems so long ago, now!

NASA Making Data Beautiful

I found this by accident. It is about a very memorable video depicting the world’s ocean currents. (It’s in the video, but I’ll share it below anyway.) Most interestingly, to me, Lauren Hockenson interviews Dr. Horace Mitchell. He explains some of how Scientific Visualization Studio made that video. h/t Dr. Data


Research and Resource Commons in Scientific Research

Again, Nat Torkington’s amazingly cool 4 quick links finds something else. If one were say interested in law, public policy, and how they relate to the practice of science, well, this paper might be interesting, I suppose.

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