Dubious Kurzweil prediction

I really, really, doubt that this is as simple as merely uploading the brain. I do not believe we’re just our thought patterns anymore than we’re just our skeleton. Or our genitals. Actually, if we’re anything, I’d say we’re our genitals because it certainly seems like everything else is there to make sure those get used. If Google can upload our genitals then I’ll go with the rest of our mind being there, too.


Stuck between a past I don’t want and a future I can’t yet find

Sometimes it’s easier to say goodbye to someone than I thought. I didn’t think I would find it so relieving but..I think I was holding on to something that wasn’t there and just not looking forward. I’d like it if I had some great stormy tale with sordid details and maybe a fishing boat in Nantucket…but we just went our separate ways and basically still like each other. My ex has someone new and, (never thought I’d say this) I hope it works out. Weird, huh? I think that’s what happens when people realize it’s not working and just leave before anger sets in. That and, well, after being stabbed from behind by a complete stranger for no reason? You know, I can take a quite a bit now because, hey! It beats being stabbed! I’m not ecstatic to have such a low baseline for “hey, this ain’t so bad” but…it does have its good points. 😉

Now to start finding a better tomorrow. It’s time.


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